How to Master Marketing Your T-shirt Business

How to Master Marketing Your T-shirt Business

With more marketing opportunities at your fingertips than ever, it’s possible for you to be your own marketing department for your t-shirt business. Technology has made it easier to reach millions of people around the world. In fact, statistics show that mobile advertising accounted for 72% of advertising spending in 2019. Depending on your products and audience, traditional marketing avenues might be a great fit as well. From printing t-shirts to advertising on Instagram, here are some ways you can master marketing for your business. 

Find Your Selling Point

Before you tell other people about your business, you need to have a cohesive message. Not only do you want to be enthusiastic about what you have to offer, but you also want to find a selling point or a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets you apart from the competition. This idea of what makes your business unique to the consumer will help you craft effective advertisements. Sit down and narrow down what your USP is before putting advertisements together.

Your USP is not the same as an elevator pitch, but you want to design an elevator pitch as well. This is a concise and exciting statement about your business and what it offers that you can tell people in a short amount of time.

Embrace Your Voice

In addition to your selling point, you’ll want to hone in on the voice of your business. Doing this will not only ensure you’re sending the right message, but you’re speaking the right language to deliver it. If your brand is young and creative, you want to make sure you present it that way instead of too formally. Alternatively, if your products require respect and authority in a given market, you may want to present it more traditionally.

Form Your Message

Once you are comfortable with your selling point and your voice, you are ready to craft the message you send out to the world. Consider what your audience really wants, which may differ based on the platform. While you can tailor different messages for different mediums, you want to ensure you are consistent and recognizable across all outlets. You also want to make sure you appeal to both your audience’s emotions and their logic. Including both of these aspects will help you connect with your consumer on a deeper level. 

Choose Your Channels

Now that you know exactly what you’re selling, it’s time to pick out the avenues you will use. Social media is one of the most significant ways to advertise today, but there are still other platforms to consider. Offline channels include local business boards, posters, billboards, and promotional merchandise. Depending on your audience’s demographics, you may be more or less likely to reach them offline.

Another option for offline connection is using traditional business cards. A business card is more visible and memorable than an email and offers potential clients something tangible to keep. You can design cards yourself online by using a quick and easy business card maker. Just add your company’s colors, font, logo, and other pertinent imagery.

By following the tips above, you will be on your way to mastering your marketing for your new brand without having to hire an outside firm. If you’re passionate about your business, it won’t be too difficult to translate that passion into something other people want to be a part of. Remember, you can always readjust if you feel you haven’t gotten it quite right yet. 

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